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Free Geek Server Rack Build Part 2.5

Posted: February 18th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Free Geek | No Comments »

This isn’t really a whole post, more like a failure report.

I had such high hopes when I got to Free Geek about getting the rack powered up and connected to our network. No we didn’t get the 30A circuits wired in yet but I do have one 15A that will be able to power the 15A PDU I have installed. I got that all up and running, and quite proud that one of our two PDU’s has remote power management, however when it came to configuring the network it was a different story.

Enter the crusty 3COM switch. We have this old, and I mean old, 3COM switch that I swear to God moans as it passes packets. Our 3COM has one already configured LACP trunk heading the ‘server room’ downstairs in the bathroom, what I wanted to do was setup another trunk to go to the new server rack. Nope, not happening. I fought and fought and fought with that 3COM on web interface, console interface, and smoke/blanket interface but to avail. It just would not allow more than one LACP trunk to be configured. Now I’m back to looking for a switch to replace it. There is a start-up in town that said they would graciously donate their old gigabit switch hardware, I hope they pull through on that. (If you guys do, I’ll give you a good plug here.)

While I’m waiting for the switches to magic themselves over to me I’m going to start with OS install and configuration but that will have to wait for part 3.

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