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The Importance of Taking Time Off

Posted: October 18th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Insight | No Comments »

It is important to take time off for several reasons – to reward, reflect, and recharge. Living a balanced life is extremely important for both your physical and mental health. Working harder and harder will result in being dead before you know it. Working hard and playing harder will enable you to accomplish goals more efficiently, sometimes subconsciously while taking time off!

Rewards are always needed

Rewards are always needed

Reward – you should reward yourself for your hard work. Without some hope of reward, it is difficult to stay motivated. If you set a goal, attach a reward to it if you achieve it. It is a good idea to set the level of the reward relative to how well you achieve the goal. For example, a reward for reaching your goal, a bonus reward if you exceed your goal, and perhaps a consolation reward if you just fall short of reaching your goal but still made progress.

Reflect – without taking time out to reflect, you cannot correct your current course to ensure you are headed in the right direction. It is like wandering off to sea searching for the promised land with a map or compass but being so busy dealing with windstorms and a sinking ship that you never actually have a chance to use the map and compass for guidance. More than ever before, our brains our bombarded with information. So much in fact, that it cannot mentally process all of it, let alone formulate answers to the problems at hand. By taking time off to reflect, our minds have a chance to process and work through the problems to formulate the answers. It is often while relaxing on the beach sipping a cocktail that we have those “ahah” moments.

Recharge – all work and no play wears us out. Just like a car that needs an oil change every 6,000 kms, our bodies need to recharge so they can perform at their optimum. If you work and do nothing but work, soon your body will be like an engine with no oil in it, eventually making metal on metal contact until it seizes up and ceases to function. Take time off to recharge and come back stronger than before.

Ironically, it is often during time off when the most is accomplished, albeit behind the scenes. So remember, work hard. Play harder. Don’t forget to take time off. In fact, make a point of it and schedule time off. Your body. mind, and financial bottom line will thank you for it.

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