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MacKeeper Removal Tool for Munki

Posted: May 28th, 2018 | Author: | Filed under: munki | No Comments »

Can we have an honest talk about MacKeeper, it’s garbage. So bad. So so bad. When I see it in the wild now, infecting it’s stupid face into my user’s computers I just shake my head. To be fair, it’s well made and well deployed across the net. For all intensive purposes the product is a complete success, however so was the shake weight.

I wrote a script with heavy influence from previous writers on the net to kill the current version of MacKeeper. Next I took that script and dropped it into an installer sort of bash file that runs as a postinstall into unixorn’s luggage.

Simply grab the postinstall file from the following URL and after getting The Luggage into your system you could build out a pkg file for munki.

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